Exploring a social innovation network for Canada

Social innovators are emerging in communities across Canada. Our institutions are changing and there is a fresh openness to new approaches that address root causes. There is a hunger for solutions and a growing leadership that’s seeking to respond in new ways.

With this shifting landscape, and the growing strength of the field, a critical opportunity and question has sprung to the surface: do we need a national social innovation network? If so, what must it do?

In 2018, social innovators of all kinds will be connecting across the country to explore a national social innovation network for Canada. We know that this will only succeed if we decide to co-create it together. Do you want a network? What would you want it to do for you?

Here is a link to our online survey which is a critical part of our feasibility study for a national social innovation network. Sign-up to receive updates about this process in your inbox. 


Who is advancing this process?

You, social innovators from across the country desirous of national cross-cutting supports or connectivity for social innovators and organizations.

Engaging with you to hear your insights and execute the feasibility study will be: 

  •  A volunteer "Guardian Group" tthat includes social innovators with deep roots in AB, ON, BC and QC social innovation communities, who will be advising the feasibility study. 

  • A core team who will be managing the execution of the feasibility study. 

The core team is based out of the newly formed Social Innovation Institute, a project of the Centre for Social Innovation, with funding support from the McConnell Foundation for a 9-month exploration process. 

In 2018, we are embarking on a shared learning process, engaging deeply with you to explore the feasibility, desirability and viability of a national social innovation network for Canada. 




Between now and March 2018, we are hosting a co-creative process to invite ideas, concerns and feedback from across the country. In addition to the this survey, we want to build on existing events and gatherings and co-host regional dialogues to exchange, ideate and design elements of this potential network. 

As the engagement process unfolds, different concrete ideas for a social innovation network will be developed and tested for fit. In the final phase of the process, various people and organizations who could drive, host, steward and fund a network will review  the feasibility study results and, if there is interest and demand for a network, what role they'd like to play in its creation, launch and life. 


Do you want to be part of this process?

Here is our survey link. Share your insights. 

Spread the word about this website to colleagues, friends and peers.


If you want to take more of a leadership role right away, we’d love it if you host a conversation in your community to feed into this process. Email connect@socialinnovationcanada.ca to find out more, to ask any questions or share feedback.


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