Between now and March 2018, we are hosting a co-creative process to invite ideas, concerns and feedback from across the country. In addition to an online survey, we want to build on existing events and gatherings and co-host regional dialogues to exchange, ideate and design elements of this potential network. 

Do you want to be part of this process?

FOUR ways to engage

  1. Complete our survey here. It takes about 10-15 mins. 
  2. Register your interest to lead or participate in a regional dialogue in January, February or March 2018: email to find out more. 
  3. Check-in for updates on our engagement calendar below to learn when and where regional dialogues are taking place. It will be updated as dialogues are confirmed.
  4. Spread the word about this website to colleagues, friends and peers.
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    Engagement Timeline


    Engagement calendar

    Please note that the times are listed in the local time zone of the event — but if you export the event to your calendar it will autofill to EST. Ensure your calendar matches the time posted below!

    Some key milestones to date for this process

    1. Social Innovation Generation (SiG) completed a survey with social innovation practitioners and organizations about the next steps for the field.

    2. A group of social innovators from around the country convened at the Wasan Island retreat centre to discuss the needs and possibilities for creating this network and a Guardian Group was formed to advise the process. 

    3. Social innovators from around the country converged at the Spark! Canadian Social Innovation Exchange in order to share ideas and learn about the state of social innovation in Canada.